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2013-09-14 03:33 pm

Feeling meme-ish.

What should we start?

Timestamp fic?
Pairings/fandoms out of my zone?
Icon fic?

Help me out here.
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2013-09-09 06:11 pm

Stargate Rewatch: Nemesis/Small victories

Love these episodes.

Jack/Daniel: Love the intro. "Can I see your scar?" "No."

Sam/Jack: So cute with the fishing invitation. I like how Sam keeps changing her mind. I'm sure she was all "Wait, maybe we can go hang out and not have sex." Then, when she caught up with him, she realized that wasn't true because he was wearing a leather jacket. So sad.

Love how Jack is all willing to just get blown up but when Sam and Teal'c are on the ship too he turns into mister 'we-can-do-something-amazing-and-live.'

I love how excited Daniel is when the klaxons go off.

Yes, I'm sure they kept themselves busy on P-whatever.

Sam: "I think I've had enough sex relaxation." Notice how long it takes her to toss a 'sir' into that conversation. :P

The whole bit with needing someone stupid was great. I miss Thor. Who we find out in this ep is a total Sam/Jack shipper.
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2013-09-03 07:58 pm

More fic!

I had to break this up into two posts.

This is the rest of the AU story. So, read this first. Unless you haven't read the first part. Then read that first.

Rest of story. )

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2013-09-03 07:54 pm


More in the Catherine sets Sam up with Jack  AU.

Title: The dating game.
Word count: A lot more than I expected.


Thanks to [ profile] holdouttrout for the beta and [ profile] mrspollifax for the idea.

First part here.

AO3 link.

They just needed more practice. )

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2013-07-02 08:35 am
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Because it needed to be written.

For [ profile] holdouttrout even though she didn't ask for it. :P

Read the Christmas ficlet first.

Sam/Jack as usual.

Ficlet )